3-point stance: D gives Spartans solace

1. I know that Michigan State is frustrated with the 17-13 loss at Notre Dame. The Spartans feel like the calls didn’t go their way, the bounces didn’t go their way, and that’s why the game didn’t go their way. But if I’m heading into Big Ten play in an era when defense is vanishing, and I held the Fighting Irish to 14 first downs, then I see a significant upside to the rest of my season, no matter how frustrated I am with the calls and the bounces.

2. Here’s why college athletics as we know it is going to change. Never mind that Arian Foster came out and said he got paid while he played at Tennessee. When a high-profile player such as Foster feels there’s not enough social stigma to prevent him from declaring that he got paid, then the public opinion has shifted enough to mean that a change is going to come. Some people in the NCAA understand that and are trying to manage the change. Others want the status to remain quo. But it never does, does it?

3. If you haven’t seen the onside kick executed by Rice senior Chris Boswell with 2:19 remaining in the Owls’ 31-26 loss to Houston, get thee to YouTube or click here. It defies belief. Boswell has established himself as one of the most talented placekickers in the FBS. He made six field goals of 50 yards or longer last season. He nailed a 56-yarder in Rice’s 23-14 victory over Kansas on Sept. 14, although he missed two 50-plus yarders Saturday. Maybe the onside kick will soothe his anguish.