3-point stance: Off to a good start

1. I like the vibe of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. Chair Jeff Long and executive director Bill Hancock admit they don’t have all the answers yet. Recusal policy hasn’t been set. Membership terms have not been determined beyond saying that the initial group will serve one to three years (take the under on former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; she’s busy). But they talk about transparency, and Long struck the right tone Wednesday when he said members “do not represent any university, any conference or any region of the country. We represent college football.”

2. Per recusal, National Football Foundation chair Archie Manning, who played at Ole Miss, whose sons played at Tennessee and Ole Miss, said he had thought about whether he could be in the room when the qualifications of those programs are discussed. “I can do it,” he said. “I love college football. I’m honored to be on the committee. If our objective is to be rank the teams 1-4, I will do that to the best of my ability.”

3. Secretary Rice, whose inclusion on the committee raised the most eyebrows -- mostly from Neanderthals, although I don’t know if they had eyebrows, but we digress -- described herself as “a student of the game. I will work very, very hard to view as much film as I possibly can.” She reminded everyone that as Stanford provost in the 1990s, she was the administration official in charge of athletics and hired Ty Willingham as head coach. And now they serve on the committee together.