Boise State's still not concerned with rankings

Posted by ESPN.com’s Graham Watson

Boise State coach Chris Petersen has always been levelheaded about his team’s success, and after moving to No. 5 in the national rankings, the highest regular season ranking ever for the Broncos, Petersen didn’t waiver from that attitude.

“It’s just so early and I think even the sportswriters and everybody is complaining about how hard it is to rank guys,” Petersen said during Monday’s WAC teleconference. “They’ve got their top three or their top four figured out and then after that, no idea. I think everybody feels like that. So, for our team, we have nine games left. A few years ago, that’s a full season. That’s really how we’re looking at it. We basically have a full season left to play and that’s where our focus needs to be, not on where we’re ranked right now.”

Boise State hosts FCS opponent U.C. Davis this weekend, a late addition to the schedule to give the Broncos an extra game. Boise State can play 13 games since it travels to Hawaii.

The Broncos moved up three spots in the ranking by virtue of losses by teams ahead of them, but also because the Broncos have handled each team they’ve played. Last week, Boise State demolished a Bowling Green team that went toe-to-toe with Missouri, and the week before it won a 17-point road decision over a Fresno State team that No. 10 Cincinnati beat by a score and Wisconsin needed overtime to beat.

“We’ve played some pretty good teams, Missouri’s a good football team, Troy’s a good team and Marshall’s a goof football team, but certainly the explosiveness and the ability to make big plays is just what Boise does so well,” Bowling Green coach Dave Clawson said. “We have not given up that many big plays this year and part of it was we overpursued on defense and allowed some reverses out and part of it is the skill level and talent level of Boise.”

Petersen is aware that all the hype the Broncos are getting right now can be taken at any time if his team doesn’t come prepared to play. It’s already happened to teams such as BYU and Utah, which lost games and severely dropped in the polls and almost of the national map completely. So, like he has since taking over as the head coach, Petersen continues to preach the one-game-at-a-time approach and hopes that his team doesn’t look ahead, especially this weekend with a key game against Tulsa coming up on Oct. 14.

“I think every weekend proves the point we keep saying every week, it doesn’t really matter at this time,” Petersen said. “You lose one and it was just a lot of talk for nothing. And I think we understand that.”