3-point stance: SMU heading to Michigan

1. SMU announced Wednesday that it would play at Michigan in 2018, its first visit to Ann Arbor since opening the 1963 season with a 27-16 loss in the Big House. The SMU release recounted the legend that Ford exec Lee Iacocca was so taken with the spirit of the visitors that he decided to name the new Ford sports car the Mustang. Legend? Fact? Look at it this way: Michigan only beat two other teams that year, Northwestern and Illinois. Buick already had a Wildcat. And I just don’t think Wilson Pickett would have sung “Illini Sally.”

2. Playing a team with a unique offense such as Georgia Tech’s option for the first time is difficult enough. Syracuse tried to do so with a new 3-4 defense. But the thing a defense needs most against the option is discipline. That’s hard when playing a scheme for the first time. The Yellow Jackets won, 56-0. Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer said it wasn’t the scheme, it was the fact that the Orange couldn’t get off blocks. He also said this: “You know, as a coach you fight the 20/20 hindsight, but you also learn from it. You know, difficult lesson because we didn't do a good job.”

3. Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, on the ESPNU College Football Podcast, on what it’s like depending on true freshman quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Davis Webb: “I’m not very patient by nature, but I force myself to be, and I just keep going back to when I was their age and what I was doing. I was redshirting and I was going home to see my girlfriend every weekend. I just try to think back at how I wasn’t mentally prepared to do the things they are doing. It’s really impressive to watch them on a daily basis at that age prepare and attack and just try to get better. That’s where I find my patience coaching these young guys.”