BCS: Baylor poised to surpass Ohio State

Baylor took one big step closer to playing for a BCS national championship this week thanks to Stanford’s loss to USC and the Bears’ 63-34 win over Texas Tech at AT&T Stadium on Saturday.

Sunday night’s updated BCS standings provide a closer look at just how much ground the Bears need to make up. Baylor (.8856) is No. 4 behind Alabama (.9914), Florida State (.9661) and Ohio State (.8869), whose lead over BU went from .0308 to .0013 following a 60-35 win at Illinois that left voters less than enthused.

Ohio State's next two games come against unranked Indiana and Michigan teams that are a combined 11-9. And Baylor gets a prime-time, national TV game on the road against No. 10 Oklahoma State this weekend, with “College GameDay” in Stillwater and a whole lot of voters watching. Win that game by a convincing margin and these numbers could look very different one week from now.

Baylor’s win and Stanford’s loss helped the Bears jump from No. 5 in the computer rankings to No. 3, and all six computer rankings now have Baylor in their top five. That should help. But nothing will get the job done better than a road victory over a top-10 opponent that comes in with a 9-1 record.

And then, of course, Baylor would set its sights on surpassing No. 2 Florida State, which has 1-9 Idaho on the slate this weekend. But for all the scoreboard watching that Bears fans find themselves doing right now, all they should worry about this week is the one at Boone Pickens Stadium. They can't surpass one OSU without beating another.