3-point stance: When to pay the big money

1. Minnesota defensive coordinator Tracy Claeys, on salaries of the top coaches, as seen from the inside: “Everybody says, ‘Aw, they’re paying him too much.’ Once you start winning, that’s the fun time. They should come and offer you less money, because it’s total hell when you’re doing the rebuilding and the losing. That’s when they’re not paying you enough.”

2. I quit complaining about the polls a long time ago. But what are the Harris Poll voters and the coaches in the USA Today poll watching? They have No. 15 Fresno State four and five spots, respectively, ahead of No. 16 Northern Illinois. The Huskies have beaten two Big Ten teams. Last week, Northern Illinois beat Ball State (9-2), 48-27. Fresno State has played three teams with winning records, which the Bulldogs won by one point in overtime (Rutgers, 52-51), one point (Boise State, 41-40) and in overtime (San Diego State, 35-28).

3. Passing records fall with regularity in the age of the uptempo spread offense. After all, 10 teams are on pace to throw for 4,000 yards this season. So many teams are throwing and so few are pounding the ball on the ground. That’s what makes the season that Boston College tailback Andre Williams is having so impressive. Last Saturday, Williams rushed for 339 yards against North Carolina State, breaking a single-game ACC record set in 1993. Williams’ 1,810 yards broke the league season record set in 1999. It must be sweeter to break records from another century.