One day, Bo will know Bo

Someday Bo Schembechler's grandson will know of his grandfather and his rivalry with Woody Hayes. AP Photo

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- When Bo Schembechler is old enough, he'll learn the stories of Bo Schembechler.

But right now, the 4-year-old is more interested in other topics.

Like Candy Land. He wants to learn how to play Candy Land. Mostly, he wants to know why there isn't a purple game piece because purple is his favorite color.

He wants to perfect his cartwheel. He practices on the rug in the family room and at his gymnastics class twice a week, but it's not quite there yet. And he wants to jump on the trampoline. In his socks. In 20 degree weather.

Because that's what a 4-year-old does. That's what a 4-year-old likes. Even when he is the grandson of one of college football's greatest coaching legends, that's how he is.

Eventually, his father will tell him of his grandfather Bo, and of Woody Hayes, of The Game, of who he is and where he comes from.

But right now, Bo Schembechler just wants to play Candy Land.

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