ACC in the morning: Beamer loyal to Stinespring

Posted by ESPN.com's Heather Dinich

I've gotten a ton of questions in the mailbag from fans expressing displeasure with Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring. A ton. Here are a few samples:

Jason, in Arlington, writes: Heather, you ought to talk with Kyle Tucker and ask about the past few days in Blacksburg!! Heat is getting turned up on Beamer and Stinespring, grass roots campaign style!

Alexander, in Blacksburg, writes: you rank the teams you rank the head coaches rank the OC's and the DC's Stinespring needs to be pushed out interestingly..he is the o-line coach, and our o-line has been shakey the last few seasons..no only his he predictable he's the source of our offensive weakness-the o-line. I hope you cover these topics soon

Somebody writes: are you going to help us dismantle stinespring or not?..he needs to go..we can't win with him

Dennis, in Torrance, CA, writes: ... And could you please ask Coach Beamer why Stinespring's name is still on a Hokie Office Door?

Yes, I'm ignoring you, because it's not something I feel comfortable passing judgment on right now. However, Frank Beamer has made it clear that Stinespring is his guy.

So you can complain all you want -- the mailbag is there for you to vent, cry, laugh, whatever -- but it doesn't look like things are going to change anytime soon. Other than the fact that Beamer is firing back at his critics.

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