Mack Brown was told he could stay

AUSTIN, Texas -- Saying he wanted what's best for Texas, Mack Brown addressed his decision to resign as head coach and what he deemed a "mutual decision" to end his 16-year tenure.

At a Sunday news conference to explain his decision to resign, Brown said UT president Bill Powers and new athletic director Steve Patterson gave him the option to return in 2014. After sleeping on the decision, they met again Saturday and agreed it was time to start over.

"It's time for me to move on and let someone else come in and restart the program," Brown said. "This is a top-five program annually. It may be the best job in the country. You should be in the mix every year.

"It's time for Texas to get back in the mix like we were from '04 to '09. And that was a wonderful run, a lot of fun. We haven't lived up to those expectations since 2010."

He cited negativity and undue pressure surrounding the program for stepping aside and felt he couldn't promise his players or his recruits that he'd be at Texas for the next four years.

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