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ESPN The Magazine: Memorable moments from the 2013 college football season (3:58)

ESPN The Magazine highlights the memorable moments from the 2013 college football season. (3:58)

Honestly, you didn't have to be there. You could've been sitting on your couch with your head in your hands, or jumping up and nearly being clocked by a ceiling fan, or screaming at your smartphone for some big-ass lineman to suddenly find a burst of closing speed, or turning up your car radio in holiday traffic, begging the Chris Davis of your mind not to step out of bounds, or repeatedly hitting rewind on your DVR at 1 a.m. Wherever you were, you were there with those Auburn fans in the rush of an upset. No sport has more moments that turn momentous than college football. And whether it's an improbable 109-yard scamper in November or a muffed field goal in August, each instant moves the season forward, adding another twist to what will eventually wind up as the story of the season.

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