Even teammates in awe of Moreno

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

All right Georgia fans. You wanted more Knowshon Moreno. Well, you're going to get it.

Turns out that wasn't the first time he'd hurdled a defender last Saturday in the 56-17 win over Central Michigan. That 29-yard run still has Georgia fans buzzing, but his teammates see something similar to that every day in practice.

"He's amazing. It's just not something you see on a week-to-week basis in games," said Georgia senior receiver Mohamed Massaquoi, who turned back just in time to see Moreno going over the Central Michigan defender.

"He did something like that once in practice. We laugh about it now, because the guy went low on him in practice and Knowshon just jumped over him. This time, the Central Michigan guy didn't go low, and Knowshon still hurdled him. He's just a special player."

How special?

Massaquoi said the college football world hasn't come close to seeing everything in Moreno's repertoire.

"He's going to do things from today until whenever he's finished with football that's going to keep people going, 'Wow,'" Massaquoi said. "I've never seen a player like him, and I've never been around a player as athletic and talented as he is. There's no limit to how good he can be."