Muschamp blends his past with present

While Florida coach Will Muschamp went along with just about every other coach when it came to praising the SEC's scheduling format, he made it clear that he does miss one great rivalry that seems like a distant memory.

"The disappointing part of that for me is not being able to see the Florida-Auburn game continue on a regular basis," Muschamp said on Wednesday's SEC teleconference. "Coach [Steve] Spurrier my first year in Destin made the comment to me what a great rivalry it has been over the years. You look at some of the games. Having been involved in both sides, I understand the importance of that. Tennessee and Auburn hardly ever play anymore because of the schedule. There’s no perfect answer to please everybody."

Muschamp made a vocal statement on Wednesday about his thoughts on a rivalry that has seen 83 games in its history (Auburn leads the series 43-38-2), and then turned around and put that statement in ink.

At a recent Gator Club function, Muschamp signed a poster for an Auburn fan, "WAR EAGLE - GO GATORS!"

Muschamp was a fan of the rivalry growing up and has been on both sides of it as a coach. He was Auburn's defensive coordinator when the Tigers defeated Florida 20-17 in the Swamp in 2007 and later lost to the Tigers 17-6 on the Plains as Florida's head coach in 2011.

Despite the pressure that Muschamp undoubtedly feels in his fourth season as Florida's coach, it's good to see that he has time to loosen up and have some fun. Muschamp is very passionate about his current and past jobs so this just a cool act by Muschamp. Maybe the league will take notice?

With the SEC's scheduling format, Florida and Auburn will meet just twice every 12 years.