3-point stance: Navy's tough road in AAC

1. I wonder if anyone at Navy spoke with anyone at West Virginia regarding the academy’s agreement to compete in the Western Division of the American Athletic Conference when Navy joins the conference in 2015. It’s no secret that West Virginia is struggling with the demands of its Big 12 travel (2-7 in 2013). Navy will be in a division with Houston, SMU and Tulsa from Big 12 country, as well as Memphis and Tulane, not to mention a game at Air Force or Notre Dame every season. As if the Midshipmen don’t have enough to overcome.

2. I’m sure at some level there is a difference between the autonomy that the five major conferences seek and the “Division IV” they are threatening to form if they don’t get it. But what exactly would that difference be? If they don’t get the autonomy to provide more benefits to student-athletes, then they will leave ... and change what? March Madness? Recruiting rules? In reality, if they have the power to demand autonomy in one area, they are effectively forming a Division IV. Aren’t they?

3. EA Sports and Collegiate Licensing Corporation settled the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit with former student-athletes for $40 million. Approximately $27 million will be divided among as many as 200,000 former student-athletes depicted in various NCAA-licensed video games. Attorneys will divide up the other $13 million. So the players will get a few thousand dollars each. The attorneys will get significantly more each. Can a settlement be fair and still be inequitable?