Creecy, Mauldin make fashion statement

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Never have red dreadlocks started so much chatter.

Louisville defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin and NC State running back Tony Creecy made a definitive fashion statement at ACC media days, showing up with the bottom of their long dreads dyed red.

As a redhead, I had to find out why.

Simple explanation, really. Both their school colors are red. So they figured, why not? Mauldin has a history of dying his dreads. Before red, he dyed his blond. But after spring practice ended, he wanted to go for something different for his senior year. So he walked into his hair salon and asked, "Can you dye my hair Cardinal red?"

They said yes.

Mauldin has been sporting the look ever since and has no plans to change. The salon now proudly says it can dye anyone's hair "Cardinal red."

Creecy, meanwhile, started growing out his dreads in 2010. He wanted to change up his look and get some red to represent the Wolfpack. Rather than go to a salon, he has a friend dye the tips of his long hair, using her hands to apply the dye while twisting each strand in place. Not much maintenance is required with the dye, either. The color lasts for months.

Their fashion statements were neither planned nor coordinated. Neither one knew the other had red dreads until they showed up for ACC media day festivities Saturday night. The two met during an event for student-athletes and took note of the other's hair. Without knowing it, they became kindred spirits and could not help but stand out during interviews Sunday -- when all 28 players in attendance wore polo shirts and had little opportunity to enhance their look.

The two will meet again Oct. 18, when NC State travels to play Louisville. Given the positions they play, there is a chance they will bump heads many times throughout the course of the game.

Red heads, of course.