Pac-12 vs. SEC: defensive line play

It's widely accepted that the Pac-12 ranks second to the SEC among the Power Five conferences. ESPN The Magazine wondered whether the Pac-12 could narrow that gap in 2014 by examining how the two conferences stack up according to four factors, conveyed through an infographic: quarterback play, defensive line, recruiting and coaching.

Next up is a defensive line comparison. From The Mag:

What the SEC lacks through the air, it makes up in the trenches. "The difference between these two conferences is what the SEC can do up front," Huard says. "They have the 6-4, 315-pound linemen everyone else craves." Yes, Pac-12 teams get to QBs -- last season they had 366 sacks, nine more than the SEC -- but, Luginbill says, they're not built to overwhelm at the line. That relative dearth isn't for lack of trying but lack of resources. Since 2010, 106 ESPN 150 and 300 DL preps have come from SEC states. Pac-12 country: 23. "I'd argue USC's Leonard Williams is the best Pac-12 lineman," Luginbill says. "Know where he's from?" Florida. Advantage: SEC.