Poll: SEC's top individual performance

You've seen my list, and you've seen Edward's list.

We both took our shots at ranking the top 10 individual performances in the SEC this season.

Now it's your turn in our SportsNation poll.

We've selected four choices for you, but we also included an "other" category.

This should be interesting because everybody has his or her own idea of what constitutes a great performance.

Maybe it has to come on a big stage similar to what we saw from LSU's Tyrann Mathieu in the Arkansas game and SEC championship game. Maybe it's one play similar to what we saw from LSU's Eric Reid in the first Alabama game.

Some are hung up on gaudy stats. Arkansas' Tyler Wilson and Jarius Wright both put up big numbers in that comeback win over Texas A&M, and there's also something to be said for versatility. Georgia's Brandon Boykin, South Carolina's Melvin Ingram, Florida's Chris Rainey and Mathieu were all Renaissance Men at different points this season.

Does a great performance have to come in a win?

How do you pick when somebody like Alabama's Trent Richardson stacks up the great performances?

Don't forget about the defensive players, either. Georgia's Jarvis Jones and Kentucky's Danny Trevathan both had monster games this season.

Good luck and vote your conscience. This is your chance to be heard. Maybe there's a worthy performance out there that we both forgot about or we didn't include on our lists.

Looking forward to seeing your responses.