Poll: Which teams should ACC add?

Nobody in the ACC has said the conference is further expanding to 16 teams.

Commissioner John Swofford said he is not “philosophically opposed” to the idea, but that’s as far as he’d take it.

Maryland athletic director Kevin Anderson, though, said, “We look forward to discussions about the future of the league and would encourage a future expansion.” Coaches Frank Beamer and Mike London have said college football seems headed in the direction of 16-team superconferences.

Reports are flying in every direction regarding programs showing interest in the ACC. If you ask me, Rutgers and Connecticut seem like the most reasonable options, based on academics, location and television market, but who’s to say the ACC would turn down Penn State, Notre Dame or Texas?

The good news for the ACC is that it’s in the driver’s seat right now. It is not falling apart and it is not scrambling to assure its viability in the future.