Q&A: Virginia Tech WR Corey Fuller

Virginia Tech receiver Corey Fuller has had an outstanding start to the season, leading the team in yards receiving with 126, and also got the first touchdown catch of his career last week. I had a chance to catch up with him earlier this week for our Friday Q&A.

What has been the biggest key to your early success this season?

CF: Just doing a lot of work in the offseason with my brothers, and some of the corners on the team now. I did a lot of speed work on the track, and worked on different types of releases, ball drills, different things like that.

Do you knew you had the potential for a breakout season?

CF: I knew I did. I just had to show it.

It obviously hurts losing a teammate in D.J. Coles, but how do you see this opportunity now with him being out for the season?

CF: It’s a big opportunity. With him out now, it’s a big door that I just need to show what I can do.

Why did you decide to give up football out of high school and focus on track at Kansas?

CF: When I was leaving high school, I wanted to do both football and track, and most of the football schools wanted me to go to a prep school to gain weight. I wanted to go college. The track coach at Kansas, Wayne Pate, coached a lot of Olympians in my event. So I went straight there out of high school.

What was it like giving up football?

CF: It was tough. I still played a little bit. I was still working out with Kansas, with Vincent and Kendall, too. Once the season started, I wished I was still out there sometimes.

So what was the track experience like?

CF: It was amazing. I got to travel plenty of places I would have never been if I didn’t go to Kansas. I got to go to a lot of big meets, met a lot of great people, a lot of great track athletes, which was amazing. One of the biggest places I’m glad I got to go was the University of Oregon, where they call it Track Town USA, so that was one of the biggest things that I enjoyed going to.

Did you have aspirations to make the Olympic team?

CF: Even when I transferred back to Tech, I still thought about making the Olympic team sometimes.

So why did you leave to come to Virginia Tech?

CF: When I was at Kansas, the idea of playing football and track came up but nobody came to an agreement. The track coaches worried about me getting injured. When Kyle was getting recruited, it was an opportunity for me to come back and play football and an opportunity to get back to my family. My first year here, I didn’t do track but this past year I ran indoor and I was just glad to be back out there.

What was it like to play again after sitting out two years?

CF: It wasn’t that bad. I had a lot to work on. The speed was obviously there. I had to work on staying low instead of running up so high, and I had to get back to catching the ball, looking it all the way in, getting more physical, getting off the jams, my releases. It was a little rough, but then it got easier and easier and easier.

You also had to make the transition to receiver after playing quarterback in high school, but you have made it look easy. How?

CF: I knew I could do it. In high school, I played quarterback, but in different camps and combines, I also got some receiver reps so that was big for me. Transferring, starting all over I was up to the challenge. It was a little difficult. I was living by myself when I first got here, too. It was a little weird for me but it all worked out in the end.

We have heard all about the Fuller brothers. Vincent played there, now you and Kyle. Your youngest brother, Kendall, has committed. What was it like growing up in your house?

CF: It was competitive. Everybody always wanted to win. I remember we had a little store up the street from our house, and we would walk to the store, get some chips or a soda and on the way back, we’d always say, ‘The last person there is a rotten egg,’ and race all the way home.

Who would win?

CF: I don’t remember, but I would say myself.

Good answer. So what about your goals for the season, have they changed now that you have gotten off to a good start?

CF: I set little goals. I didn’t set anything too high. Remember sharing them with my older brother, Vincent. He told me, ‘I think you can shoot a lot higher, you can do better than these goals.’ So now I’m I the process of getting goals higher. At least five catches a game.

Any yardage amount to go with that?

CF: I feel as the catches come, the yards will get there.