Albert Reid set to enjoy first Father's Day with baby Ayden

Virginia running back Albert Reid will enter the 2016 season with a little more responsibility on his hands. And it's much more time-consuming than his grad school classes.

The former graduate transfer is in the infancy of fatherhood after son Ayden was born on May 30. The former Maryland back has found new life with a new life of his own.

"The day he was born was probably the best day of my whole life; just having to hold my own son and being able to call him my own son," Reid told ESPN.com earlier this week. "When he smiles, it's like the greatest thing to me."

As Reid adjusts to life with Ayden, he's also preparing for life as a parent in college football. The already daunting task of juggling football with academics gets even more complicated when a child enters the picture, but it's nothing Reid is sweating. To him, Ayden's smile means more to him than what will likely be a jam-packed schedule moving forward.

And while Reid hasn't had to go through his fall football life -- filled with class, practice, workouts and meetings -- with little Ayden, he's already learning to conserve his energy with a newborn, as his sleep schedule has been greatly altered.

On the first night Ayden, who was born at 8 and a half pounds, stayed at Reid's home, his crying kept his father and mother, seven-year girlfriend Andrea Holtz, up until 5 a.m., just in time for Reid's 6:30 workout.

"I knew it was going to be a lot of work," Reid said with a laugh. "It's a lot, but it's nothing I can't handle."

Reid is cherishing every moment he has with Ayden. While his little boy sleeps for most of the day, he takes full advantage of the times he's awake. Reid said Ayden is already "moving pretty fast" and trying to stand on his own. He can also lift his neck on his own and move his head all around.

For now, Ayden and Holtz are staying with Reid in Charlottesville, Virginia. But as the season approaches, Reid said Ayden will be with his mother in Washington, D.C., while she attends school. The plan is for Ayden and Holtz to stay with Reid late in the week and on weekends during the fall.

"It's going to be a little more exciting for me," Reid said of playing this fall with Ayden in his life. "It gives me a little more edge, it gives me a little more to play for now. I'll go out there and compete specifically for my child, for my son.

"Hopefully, he can come to a few games and maybe even motivate me more and make me have a better game. He'll be my little good luck charm."

With Father's Day approaching, Reid said he isn't sure how he'll feel about celebrating it; everything is still so surreal. The congratulations will feel "weird," he said, but he couldn't be happier, and he's looking forward to a relaxing celebration this weekend.

"I love the family that we have together, now," Reid said.