3-point stance: Tough start for Florida

1. Quite a camp they’re having at Florida. Starting quarterback Jeff Driskel has an appendectomy and fifth-year senior Andre Debose, who led the Southeastern Conference in kickoff returns last season (28.3 average) blew out his ACL Tuesday in a non-contact drill. Debose’s career illustrates the demise of the Urban Meyer era. He signed a few weeks after the Gators won their second BCS title under Meyer. But Debose never proved to be another Percy Harvin, and now Meyer is entrenched at Ohio State. It all seems so long ago.

2. Beano Cook, for all his celebrity, was a small-d democrat. He loved sticking it to the swells. He possessed a humility that was common in his day and rare today. When Beano died last year, he left sizable donations to Kiski Prep School and to Pittsburgh, his alma maters. Earlier this year, Kiski named its athletic fields after Beano. This week, Pitt named its practice fields for him. He would be embarrassed and thrilled. And he would have to take some heat from his friends about being one of the swells.

3. Did you see on the Pac-12 blog that Arizona’s recruiting is on the rise? The Wildcats already have 19 commitments. They have a new football building, but the recruits are talking about the Arizona staff. It turns out that Rich Rodriguez didn’t forget how to coach when he got to Michigan after all. If Rodriguez builds Arizona into a Pac-12 South contender, and stranger things have happened, it would show that Rodriguez’s tenure in Ann Arbor was a bad marriage, not the Peter Principle.