Sharrif Floyd gets loud ovation from fans

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- You could tell how much Florida fans support Sharrif Floyd when his name was announced before the game.

Ruled ineligible by the NCAA for the first two games, Floyd is set to start at defensive end today against Tennessee.

As the names of Florida's starters for today's game with Tennessee were announced on the stadium PA system, you could tell people throughout the stadium were saving up for when Floyd's picture came across the scoreboards and his name blared throughout the stadium.

Once Floyd's name was announced, The Swamp erupted with cheers. It wasn't quite like a Tim Tebow cheer, but it was pretty darn close.

We've heard Tennessee's band play "Rocky Top" probably four times already. Of course, it's been met with boos from Gators fans, but some Florida players were bouncing around to it and bobbing their heads. Trey Burton even walked over to the Tennessee band and put his arm up and acted like he was conducting the band. Unfortunately for Burton, the band didn't follow his request.

It feels like this is an unofficial "blue-out" as the only orange you can find in the stadium belongs to the Tennessee fans scattered around The Swamp.

Both teams looked very loose during warmups. There wasn't much jumping around from either side. There wasn't a meeting at midfield between the two sides. There's been no obvious jawing going back and forth.

Tennessee senior defensive end Ben Martin warmed up, but was limping around. He's battling an ankle injury, so we'll see if he can go.

Florida running back Jeff Demps was listed on the dress roster and was announced as a starter. Will Muschamp said he had a shoulder injury and he's down there dressed and looks ready to play.