Brown bros clear of Miami mess, KSU says

Yahoo! Sports' investigative report, which unearted all kind of violations at Miami, had arms that reached as far as West Texas, but its biggest impact in the Big 12 was felt in Manhattan, Kan.

Current Wildcats Arthur Brown (see his allegations here) and Bryce Brown (his allegations are here) were named in the report, which alleged that Arthur Brown received free meals, and a visit to a strip club that featured free drinks and entertainment in a VIP area. It also alleged that Arthur Brown received transportation in violation of NCAA rules and a hotel room for his family, including Bryce Brown, who also took part in one of the meals.

Kansas State, however, says the allegations will not affect the eligibility of either.

"Kansas State University has been in communication with the NCAA," the university said in a release. "Regarding Arthur Brown and Bryce Brown, the NCAA staff has informed the institution that it has no concerns about their eligibility to compete at K-State."

Kansas State also added that it would have no further comment.

What has allowed each player to escape punishment? According to a professor of sports administration at Ohio, Bryce Brown's enrollment at Tennessee and Arthur Brown's transfer from Miami.

From the Wichita Eagle:

"Based on current NCAA legislation, the ruling is what you would expect," said B. David Ridpath, a professor of sports administration at Ohio. "So is the timing. Violations like these don't follow you from school to school. As transfer students, there really is no way to punish them."

Recent NCAA rulings on player eligibility had K-State fans worried and considering a range of possibilities. While both players head into the upcoming season as planned, history also indicates they could have faced suspensions and missed up to as many as five games.

"I can't think of a case where violations have followed a kid to a new school," Ridpath said earlier Wednesday, before K-State's announcement."... That usually doesn't happen. It's almost like a get-out-of-jail free card."

The paper contacted the Brown brothers' adviser, Brian Butler, who admitted that they accepted a lunch and hotel room courtesy of Nevin Shapiro, the central figure of the scandal at Miami.

Arthur and Bryce Brown should both be major contributors for Kansas State this fall, but after the NCAA's decision, it looks like Wildcats fans can breathe a little easier.