3-point stance: PSU report will leave gaps

1. The release Thursday of the Penn State special report on the Jerry Sandusky scandal will be the first step down the long, painful road to reconciliation. The university has acknowledged that its liability is significant. Those lawsuits are to come. The NCAA wants answers. But no matter how many questions the report will address, what I want to see is the number of questions it can’t answer. Given that Joe Paterno is dead and didn’t use email, there are going to be gaps. Will the investigation acknowledge them? Close them? Or paper over them?

2.The NCAA decision to give quarterback Phillip Sims immediate eligibility after he transferred from Alabama in May is a good example of how NCAA president Mark Emmert is trying to introduce common sense into the way that intercollegiate athletics is conducted. The old hard-and-fast rule to deny immediate eligibility no matter the circumstance lacked common sense. Sims needed to be closer to home. Alabama agreed to his departure. Why not let him go?

3. Do yourself a favor and catch Beano Cook on the ESPNU College Football Podcast this week. In a discussion of the death in Afghanistan of former Army quarterback and free safety Chase Pasnicki, Beano gave a history lesson on Army players who have died in previous wars. Pasnicki, a first lieutenant, died two weeks ago on a patrol he volunteered to conduct. He had been in Afghanistan for three days. He was buried Tuesday in Lexington, Va.