Former Texas A&M safety joins reality show

While he may not have enjoyed an illustrious career as a backup safety at Texas A&M, Clay Honeycutt is looking to gain some star power by taking his talents to Hollywood.

Well, sort of.

The former Aggie, who appeared in nine games last season and recorded five tackles and forced a fumble, is set to join the cast of the hit CBS reality show "Big Brother." The show is in its 17th season, and by the looks of Honeycutt's profile, he'll be portrayed as the southern gentleman who isn't afraid to compete but also has a softer side.

He'll also be great during team activities!

"Big Brother" takes place in a house full of contestants who are under constant surveillance and are competing to stay in the house and avoid eviction, which is basically elimination. Personally, I grew up with "The Real World" (shout out to Season 8 in Hawaii!) and I'm much more of an addict when it comes to "The Challenge" (a spinoff of both "The Real World" and "Road Rules"), but I see the value in a show like "Big Brother."

I wonder what the over/under is on how long it takes for this former college athlete to: a) take off his shirt; b) throw a football; and c) take part in some sort of male-driven competitive event that sends someone's (everyone's) tempers flaring.