SEC race update: Week 11

The SEC race could come to close this weekend.

Wins by Alabama (9-0, 6-0 SEC) and Georgia (8-1, 6-1) on Saturday, and both will be headed to Atlanta for the SEC championship game. If Alabama tops Texas A&M (7-2, 4-2) this weekend in Tuscaloosa, Ala., the Crimson Tide will take the West because the worst it can do is lose one conference game. No other SEC West team has less than two losses in SEC play.

Now, if Alabama were to lose, things will get very interesting. It wouldn't take away the Tide's hope for the SEC West because Alabama would clinch the division next week with a win over Auburn, but if Alabama turned around and lost to the Tigers on Nov. 24, the SEC would be lost for the Tide if LSU and Texas A&M were to win out. That means A&M would have to beat Missouri at the end of the regular season and LSU would have to beat Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Arkansas.

If it came down to a three-team tie, Alabama would be eliminated because it would be the only one of the three teams with two losses within the division. Now, you're down to LSU and Texas A&M, and since LSU beat the Aggies head-to-head, the Tigers would be heading to Atlanta.

Texas A&M can only make it to Atlanta if it beats Alabama and Missouri, and the Tide loses to Auburn. It then needs LSU to drop at least one of its last three SEC games.

Things are much simpler in the East. If Georgia loses to Auburn this weekend, Florida (8-1, 7-1) takes the division because the Gators finished conference play with just one SEC loss, while the Bulldogs would have two.

Who would have thought that struggling Auburn could totally change the SEC race?