Top villains in college football

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

College football is great. We know that.

But some things conspire to make it less great than it could be.

So who -- and what -- are the top overall villains in college football.

  1. Cowardly nonconference scheduling: Look at your team's nonconference schedule. If it doesn't include a BCS conference foe, you should feel shame. Last year, it was Texas Tech scheduling its way to apparent "greatness." This year, it's Ole Miss. Grow a spine!

  2. Lane Kiffin: The mouth that roared! Some find his shenanigans entertaining. Others, not so much. Not sure how things will go for the Vols in the SEC this year, but my guess is few teams will pull their starters late if the score is lopsided.

  3. Charlie Weis: He came in arrogant. And he's mostly gotten spanked. The Notre Dame coach rarely will be loved by the rest of the college football nation but it seems Weis gets a little extra juice.

  4. The SEC: It dominates the conversation. It dominates perception. It dominates the BCS standings. It makes loads of money. That makes it a villain. That and the nagging suspicion it's overrated.

  5. No fun rules: Hey, it's a game played by young men. It's supposed to be entertainment. If a player wants to dance after a touchdown, let him.