3-point stance: Shaw stays in-house, too

1. I pointed out last week that Oregon had replaced head coach Chip Kelly with a minimum of disruption by promoting from within, and that until Stanford head coach David Shaw found an offensive coordinator, no one could judge which program would suffer the least fallout. Shaw, like Oregon, went to his bench and promoted offensive-line coach Mike Bloomgren to coordinator. That means even less disruption for the Cardinal than the Ducks. After all, Shaw, who installed the Cardinal offense, is still there.

2. The Sports Business Journal this week laid out in great detail the financial hole that the Tennessee athletic department has dug for itself thanks to poor management and poor performance on the field. The latter has meant poor ticket sales. Athletic director Dave Hart is doing his best to bail out the leaky boat he found when he arrived. But as Chris Low pointed out on the ESPNU College Football Podcast yesterday, the need to succeed quickly means new coach Butch Jones might have the shortest honeymoon ever.

3. Two stories that aren’t connected but could be: a) Agents were allowed to speak to college juniors this season, and a record 73 underclassmen declared for the NFL draft; b) The NCAA has decided to again allow unlimited texting to FBS recruits. The connection? Open communication. Neither change might be in the best interest of the schools that want to develop their teams but in both cases, it’s the right thing to do.