3-point stance: Worth his stripes

1.Dave Parry once said, "The irony of officiating is that no one remembers the accurate calls that you make, they just remember the ones that you miss." That’s not true in the case of Parry, the first national coordinator of college football officials and the longtime Big Ten referee boss before that. He will be remembered for his excellence in a striped shirt. He combined fairness and straight-shooting in the best Midwestern tradition. Parry, after a long illness, died Monday at age 76.

2.It would have been a fascinating season at California anyway, what with the Golden Bears playing their "home" games at the Giants’ ballyard as Memorial Stadium is renovated. But coach Jeff Tedford’s announcement Saturday that Zach Maynard, the junior transfer from Buffalo, had won the starting job made the season even more interesting. A new spread offense, a transfer quarterback, and no home games: if you like underdogs, have I got someone in the Pac-12 North for you.

3.If you haven’t read Chris Low’s report on the funeral of Alabama offensive lineman Aaron Douglas, please do. Public confidence in the way the sport is being run is at an ebb. Winning, as always, appears to be valued more than the rulebook. But the response of the coaches who taught Douglas and the young men who played with him highlights all that is worthy about the bonds that college football develops. As sad as it is, Low’s story just may restore your faith.