Ludwig explains his quick KSU departure

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

The hiring of Utah offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig was hailed as a personnel coup by many observers after he agreed to join Bill Snyder's staff at Kansas State.

Ludwig's offensive prowess was well known after his work leading the Utes to a 13-0 record after successful previous stops at Oregon and Fresno State.

In short, his arrival was an ideal hire for Snyder's staff as he attempts to change the culture at KSU.

But after spending less than two months at KSU, Ludwig accepted a job on Jeff Tedford's staff as California's new offensive coordinator.

Ludwig finally explained the reasons for his move in an interview with veteran KSU beat writer Mark Janssen of the Manhattan Mercury.

And his reasons are good, even if it might not necessarily make the KSU fans much happier.

Ludwig told Janssen that the move was a "family matter," necessitated by the fact that his mother, brother and sister all live in the East Bay area of San Francisco near the Berkeley campus.

"It was all about the positives of being at Cal professionally and personally, and nothing to do with getting away from the (KSU) situation I was in," Ludwig said.

The move to Tedford's staff comes with a salary hike. But so does the cost of living.

A coach with a $200,000 yearly salary in Manhattan would have to earn $342,206 for equal buying power in San Francisco, according to a CNNMoney.com web calculator. The survey also indicates that groceries will cost 32 percent more in the Bay area, housing 182 percent more, utilities 5 percent more, transportation 11 percent more and health care 35 percent more.

Ludwig also said he did not feel good about the departure, adding it was "an ugly deal, but something I had to do."

And his most telling answer -- and one that has baffled most observers -- was whether there was any potential rift with Snyder.

"Absolutely not, absolutely not," Ludwig said. "That had zero influence on this decision."

Snyder now will be working with familiar coaches in Del Miller and Dana Dimel to run his offense. Ludwig would have brought a fresh approach. It will be interesting to see whether the familiar strategies of Miller and Dimel will change with their new opportunity again working with the legendary KSU coach.