Former MU captain gets 5-year jail sentence

Former Missouri running back and co-captain Derrick Washington was sentenced to five years in prison for the off-campus sexual assault of a former tutor.

He may serve significantly less time, though.

Washington had faced a punishment of up to seven years in prison, a sentence sought by prosecutors. But he could now be released after 120 days in a "shock incarceration" program, while remaining on probation for the duration of his five-year sentence.

Washington's lawyers argued that no matter how long Washington spends in prison, he'd already been significantly punished.

The prosecuting lawyers, however, argued for the maximum sentence.

Defense attorney Chris Slusher, arguing for probation before the judge issued the sentence, said Washington harbored NFL dreams and was projected as a fourth-round draft pick before he was charged. He's now a registered sex offender who won't be able to coach youth sports teams or even visit his own child's school without permission, Slusher said.

"No matter what the court does today, Mr. Washington has already been punished," he said. "Those (NFL) dreams are likely done."

In arguing for the maximum sentence, assistant Boone County prosecutor Andrea Hayes said Washington has not apologized to the 24-year-old victim nor acknowledged any wrongdoing in the case.

"The defendant has yet to take responsibility for his actions," she said. "He's a predator."

Washington led Missouri in rushing as a sophomore and junior, and was named a team captain before being suspended and eventually kicked off the team during preseason camp in 2010. He was allowed to keep his academic scholarship.

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