Don't count out Stanzi or the Hawkeyes

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Why should a team leave a quarterback in the game when he has thrown five interceptions?

Ricky Stanzi just showed you why.

Mr. Fourth Quarter did it again, finding Marvin McNutt on a crossing route that went for a 92-yard touchdown, as Iowa has closed the gap to 24-21. After throwing four interceptions in the third quarter, Stanzi once again didn't flinch, proving again that resiliency is his best trait as a quarterback. McNutt deserves a ton of credit, as he beat Donnell Jones and was off to the races. It marked the fourth longest touchdown pass in team history.

Iowa has owned the fourth quarter all season, outscoring its opponents 72-38. Let's see if the Hawkeyes have another comeback left in them.