Last-minute pregame notes from Arlington

ARLINGTON, Texas -- I'm back in the press box from some time down on the field and Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe's pregame press conference. Both teams have finished warm-ups, and we're only a few minutes away from kickoff. The crowd looks pretty close to 50-50, and with the ends and roof of Cowboys Stadium closed, it's already pretty loud.

Here's a few quick notes:

  • I'd expect Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez to start, but he's definitely still favoring his right ankle, however slight. Additionally, he's wearing two different kinds of cleats. It looked like the left cleat might be offering some additional support for his turf toe.

  • Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray didn't look too bothered by a knee injury that left his status in doubt this week. He didn't do much full-speed work in pregame, but his movement looked normal.

  • Beebe's press conference offered little of note. He mentioned he did have some additional security for tonight's game, but nothing "significant." As for the talk of the Big 12 championship returning, don't hold your breath. Beebe noted that the coaches have been nearly unanimous in opposition of the game for the duration of its existence, and said he'd be surprised if that changed. I'd agree with him on that point.

  • He was asked about talks of conspiracy and the Eric Martin suspension, but didn't say anything we haven't heard before. Namely, that the notion of a conspiracy is silly and they don't spare any expenses when it comes to the integrity of officiating. On Martin's suspension and the lack of suspension of Texas A&M's Tony Jerod-Eddie after an ugly incident in a pile, Beebe cited the desire of the league to remove hits like Martin's from football.

  • On his no-show in Lincoln this year, Beebe noted that he didn't hand out any of the five divisional trophies this year, and hasn't been able to do it on several occasions for various reasons, most often tiebreakers. He also brought up that he delivered Nebraska's trophy last year, but did not do so for Texas.

  • He also stressed, once again, that the portion of Huskers fans sending hateful messages to him and other Big 12 officials is a small one, but did note that former Huskers star Ed Stewart, a Big 12 employee, received several as well.

That's all for pregame. I'll be blogging throughout tonight's game, but I'll be chatting right here, too. So come hang out for tonight's game.