3-point stance: Early NFL draft entries

1. The NFL and NFLPA standing firm on not taking players until they are three years out of high school has been good for college football. But the record 95 players who declared themselves eligible for this year's NFL draft should give anyone pause. That’s 22 more than the record set last year. Not all of them are ready, and their departure will diminish college football. The bottom line is that adults have the right to make a bad decision. But look for coaches and the NFL to redouble their efforts to provide the info to keep early-entry candidates from coming out before they should.

2. In its season wrapup, Oklahoma displayed a long list of improvements the Sooners made from 2012 to 2013. The ones that struck me: Oklahoma rushed for 62.5 more yards per game and gave up 55.4 fewer rushing yards per game than it had the previous season. That total of nearly 118 yards per game speaks directly to the Sooners’ play at the line of scrimmage, where Bob Stoops hired a new O-line coach (Bill Bedenbaugh) and D-line coach (Jerry Montgomery) a year ago. The results are plain to see.

3. Fred Hargadon, the admissions director at Stanford from 1969-84, died Wednesday. Hargadon had a wonderful sense of humor. In 2006, he told the story of fending off former Stanford coach John Ralston. “I said, ‘I’m really sorry, John. There’s no way we can take this guy,’” Hargadon said. “He said, ‘Well, OK. We’re going to see him in our backfield one way or another next year. Either playing for us or running through us.’ And sure enough, he went to ... Southern California, and came up here and ran for 200-something yards.”