3-point stance: O'Leary is old-school

1.UCF coach George O’Leary’s attitude is older than old-school, which is what makes him fascinating to hear. You might think any coach would like his seniors to call a players-only meeting. O’Leary called it “garbage.” “It concerns me that they have to do something like that to remind them that we have a whole season to play,” he said. “That bothers me as a head coach....Why do you have to remind somebody to still play hard? That’s a ‘no compute’ to me.”

2.Another, less obvious example of Florida’s un-Meyer-like play: Alabama junior Julio Jones returned a punt 41 yards last Saturday, one week after Randall Cobb of Kentucky returned a punt 21 yards against the Gators. To put them in perspective: in five seasons plus three games prior to Kentucky, Urban Meyer’s Gators had punted 241 times. Only 63 of the punts had been returned, and only one of them as long as 20 yards.

3.You can hear the frustration in coach Dabo Swinney’s voice. The Clemson Tigers have lost consecutive close games to Auburn and Miami. “We have got to stop beating ourselves, that's the bottom line,” Swinney said. “If somebody lines up and beats you, they beat you. Let's control things that are in our control.” He pointed out the Tigers’ six turnovers against the ‘Canes. “We went from (seventh) in the nation in turnover margin to 51st in one game, and still had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter.”