BC starters play a quarter, 2nd half shortened in rout of Howard

Boston College embarrasses Howard 76-0 (1:41)

Bob Picozzi and Al Groh recap Boston College's 76-0 win over Howard. (1:41)

That better, Steve Addazio? Boston College rebounded from an unimpressive win against Maine last week to stomp Howard, 76-0, Saturday at Alumni Stadium in what ended up being a shortened game. Not bad, but we really don’t know what that means just yet, nor do we know what it means for the Eagles this Friday against Florida State.

Player of the game: True freshman quarterback Jeff Smith gets the game ball here, as BC’s starters played barely a quarter and everyone got the chance to get in on the action. Smith, the third-string quarterback, rushed five times for 89 yards and three touchdowns, while completing both his passes for 18 total yards.

Stat of the game: What, the final score wasn’t enough for you? OK, how about a 41-0 BC lead after the first quarter? Yes, after the first quarter. Few knew that was even possible, but a pick-six and a fumble recovery deep in Howard territory helped the Eagles make quick work of the Bison early. (Also noteworthy: That was Howard’s only turnover, which is a little surprising given the final score.) The third and fourth quarters were shortened to 10 minutes apiece, upon mutual agreement between the head coaches.

What the win means for Boston College: BC is 2-0, which is all you can really ask for when playing a pair of FCS teams to open the season. These aren’t the ideal opponents to help get prepared for Florida State this Friday, but it’s a start. The Seminoles looked far from invincible Saturday in their win against USF, and we all know Addazio always has a few tricks up his sleeve come big games.

What the loss means for Howard: The Bison have been outscored 125-0 through two games. They totaled 11 yards Saturday. You have to feel for coach Gary Harrell’s squad, which ended last season on a four-game winning streak to finish 5-7. Luckily for them, FCS play comes Friday against Hampton.