Three-point stance: Texas seeks to strengthen schedule

1.Texas coach Mack Brown said Monday that not only is he in favor of the 10-team Big 12 Conference playing a full round-robin schedule (as does the Pac-10), but that the Longhorns have begun reaching out to other marquee teams to find at least one difficult non-conference game every season. That's even more impressive given that Texas will be playing only three non-leagues per year, not four.

2.Surely Lane Kiffin is not the first head coach to poach an assistant without permission. What’s striking about the USC coach’s latest misstep is that he didn’t follow protocol when dealing with a Trojan alum and friend of the program, Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher. Kiffin stole Titans running back coach Kennedy Pola, a former USC assistant. Bad enough that the NFL team sued USC and Kiffin. What’s worse, Fisher humiliated the head coach of his alma mater.

3.Let’s say that Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt, down to one quarterback, signs Oregon washout Jeremiah Masoli. In order for everything to work, Masoli would have to travel across the country, fit in with a team he doesn’t know, fit in with a culture he doesn’t know, all while dealing with the reputation as a guy who threw his career away at Oregon. Talk about gambles. Nutt would have an easier time filling an inside straight.