3-point-stance: Someone did Bo wrong

1. Bo Pelini got a raw deal. Yes, he shouldn't have said what he said. Yes, he was naïve not to understand what every on-air performer knows -- any microphone within the sound of your voice should be considered live. But he's not the first coach to vent such comments about his fans and the local media. He probably wasn't the first to do so last week. Someone sat on the recording for two years before releasing it when Pelini's support is ebbing. That feels underhanded.

2. Rogers Redding, the national supervisor of officiating, isn't about to say that Alabama defensive back Ha Ha Clinton-Dix shouldn't have been flagged for targeting Saturday, as replays showed. But Redding said the use of replays on targeting calls is worth the risk of embarrassing the officiating crew if it will keep a player from being unjustly ejected. Redding said in 212 games this season, there have been only 19 targeting fouls, or one every 11 games. That's down from one every eight games in 2012. The threat of ejection is having the desired effect.

3. Stanford senior safety John Flacco -- yes, he's Joe's brother -- got in for one play at Army. But he might have been the star of the game. When the Corps of Cadets recognized his name and began yelling at him, Flacco waved his arms to pump up the volume. Soon, all 4,000 cadets chanted his name. When Flacco came off the field after his play, the corps gave him a standing ovation. He has more than 1,000 new friends on Facebook, and Flacco memes are all the rage at West Point. The goodwill generated by one reserve with a famous last name is college athletics at its best.