Auburn-Vandy halftime update

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Just when you thought Vanderbilt was on the verge of being blown out of here, the Commodores do what they've done all season.

Not surprisingly, a big play on special teams got them back in the game.

With the offense struggling to move the ball at all, D.J. Moore weaved his way to a 25-yard punt return to give the Commodores their best field position of the game at the Auburn 30-yard line.

They were able to capitalize on Mackenzi Adams' 15-yard touchdown pass to Justin Wheeler with 39 seconds left to go into halftime trailing 13-7.

Adams entered the game on the next-to-last possession of the first half after Chris Nickson injured his right throwing hand. Nickson attempted several practice throws on the sideline afterward, but appeared to be wincing in pain every time he gripped and released the ball.

Auburn has dominated this game on both lines of scrimmage. But in vintage Vanderbilt form this season, the Commodores have managed to hang around.

Adams, playing with a lot of confidence, was perfect on that final drive. He hit all four of his passes, and his touchdown throw came on third-and-goal from the 15 and was placed perfectly between two defenders.

Having finished the season a year ago for an injured Nickson, Adams is used to seeing SEC defenses. In other words, it's not like this is totally new territory for him.

Auburn has been so superior up front in this game that you still get the feeling the Commodores are going to have to score on defense or hit another big play on special teams to win this game.

But, then, that's how they got to 4-0 in the first place.

Auburn quarterback Chris Todd completed just four passes in the first half, but two of them were for touchdowns.