Locker will not play baseball this summer

Jake Locker will be all about the oblong spheroid this summer.

Locker, Washington's quarterback and a potential No. 1 pick in next spring's NFL draft, won't play baseball this summer, according to a radio interview he gave to 710 ESPN Seattle, which the always helpful Bob Condotta has provided the highlights of on his Huskies blog.

Said Locker: "I'm going to concentrate on getting ready for this coming football season. It's a big summer for us as far as making sure that we're here spending time with each other, getting cohesion between me and the receivers and the running backs and the line, able to work with everybody as a unit and getting comfortable with each other. So I think it's an important summer for us. I'll be here spending time with those guys."

Locker signed a six-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels last August that paid him a reported $250,000. Locker has long said baseball is his backup plan if football does not work out, and the Angels obviously believe his athletic ability is worth a roll of the dice.

As for being projected as the top NFL draft pick in 2010, Locker said this: "It's an honor. It's cool. It's something you think about when you're a kid and pretend like you're going to be in that situation at some point, but as cool as that stuff is ... you can't let it skew your view on what's really important, and that's what our team has the capability of doing. I think that as soon as you lose sight of that, all that other stuff falls by the wayside as well. So you need to focus on making sure that you do what you can every week to win a game, help your team win, and all that other stuff will take care of itself."

If you've followed Locker's career -- and I first interviewed him as a high school senior -- you would conclude that answer was very "Lockerarian."