3-point stance: A controversial playoff

1. The desire of the Big Ten and Pac-12 to keep the Rose Bowl as first among equals is understandable. But the playoff proposal that would allow a champion of one of those two leagues that finished in the top four to play in Pasadena and still remain eligible for the championship game solves nothing. There would be two “semifinals” but the Rose Bowl winner could be voted into the championship game. Talk about credibility issues -- how’d you like to win a “semifinal” and be voted out of the final?

2. Over the past decade, as Nick Saban has won three BCS championships, 16 of his players at LSU and Alabama have been voted consensus All-Americans. I can’t find another coach in the postwar era who developed that many All-Americans in so short a period of time (and don’t forget: Saban spent two of those last 10 years in the NFL). By comparison, Lou Holtz, a Hall of Fame coach, had 16 consensus All-Americans in 33 seasons.

3. The return of Arkansas tailback Knile Davis, recovering from the ankle injury he suffered last August, receded before the gutsy appearance of head coach Bobby Petrino at practice Tuesday. Petrino showed up less than 48 hours after he broke four ribs and cracked a vertebra in a motorcycle accident. Davis isn’t allowed any contact yet, and neither is Petrino, who watched from the press box. I’m glad he’s OK, but how a guy that smart who has ridden a motorcycle his entire life can go out without a helmet is beyond me.