Recruiting tops non-AQ Mailbag

Only one mailbag this week, as a little thing called signing day pre-empted our midweek version. One correction off the bat in a post on San Diego State a few weeks ago. I mentioned Ronnie Hillman had the best rushing season in school history. I should have said best rushing season for a freshman. Sorry for that dropped word. Thanks to a reader in California who pointed that out.

Now on to some letters.

UCFhonors in Orlando writes:Do you think non-AQs have had a better recruiting year than in years past? Specifically, with the better non-AQs getting some more solid classes or more "high profile" recruits.

Adelson writes: It is hard to tell, although many of the schools are touting their classes this year as the best in school history. Off the top of my head, TCU, UCF, Marshall, SMU and Toledo all had their best classes. Boise State and BYU also had solid classes as well. We can only compare these classes to each other and not to the AQ schools simply because most are not in the running for four- and five-star players. TCU is the only school to get an ESPNU150 player. Also, it is just so hard to judge what classes are good now. We only will know the answer to that in three to five years.

John in Glendale Heights, Ill., writes:What's your take on Dave Doeren's first recruiting class on short notice and how this fills the needs you called out?

Adelson writes:I think he did a good job for his first class. Most of these commitments are his as you can see from where they come from -- Florida, St. Louis and Kansas City -- places Doeren recruited while at Wisconsin. There are four three-star players according to the ESPN Recruiting experts, and plenty of good players to fill needs at linebacker and cornerback. I would have liked to have seen a few more defensive linemen signed.

Ken Ray in Las Vegas writes: Nice article about Utah. You did leave out the most important reason of all why Utah could make a move in the South division next year. The don't play Stanford or Oregon -- a guarantee of two conference losses (very likely) for the rest of the league.

Adelson writes: I absolutely should have noted that. You are so right.

Sam Weeks in Raleigh, N.C., writes: East Carolina averages 49,000 in a 50,000 seat stadium. UCF has a complete metal stadium that cost maybe $40,000. ECU is also getting better in basketball. We would bring way more attention to the Big East if we go.

Adelson writes: I will let the Big East know how you feel.

Adam in Lake Mary, Fla., writes: Tell USF to schedule UCF and we will come! They're running so fast from being associated with such a "bad" team like UCF that they'll never get a chance to prove they're a "Big 4" team!

Brian in Tampa writes: BIG 4.

Bryan in Roswell, Ga., writes: Andrea,Your report on UCF was very interesting. It seems that USF fans have been fairly virulint about the idea of UCF becoming a Big East member. Why is that? The two teams stopped playing regularly after the Bulls moved to the Big East. A renewed rivalry with the Knights would help South Florida. It would allow both teams to gain recognition, exposure, and attention. That alone will allow both programs to take steps towards being mentioned in the same breath as the Gators, Seminoles, and Hurricanes.

Adelson writes:I would love an entire mailbag of UCF and USF fans going back and forth, just for the fun of it. But I do agree, this is a rivalry game that should happen every year. USF fans and the school do not see the need to play a team from C-USA on a yearly basis, especially one that it views as a notch below it. Instead USF would rather play Stony Brook, Western Kentucky and FAU. But let's face it. UCF is USF's biggest rival. Hands down. So play the game already and make it a win-win for the fans. USF should have nothing to worry about, since it has dominated the series, right?