Comparisons by Randy Edsall off-base

Maryland coach Randy Edsall told reporters on his weekly Sunday teleconference that he has "been through this before."

Kind of. Sort of. Not really.

In response to a question about moving the team and program forward despite what has turned into a lost cause of a season, Edsall said:

"I've been through this before," Edsall said. "I know how to handle it. I know what to do. There is no panic. It was like this the first year when we put the team together in Jacksonville. ... It's Connecticut all over again, 13 years ago. Jacksonville Jaguars all over again. It's going to Boston College when we were there. I've been through all of this. This isn't earth-shattering. It doesn't have me discouraged. I have a vision of what we're going to do and I know we're doing things the right way."

If the "right way" is backwards, than maybe.

Edsall's comparisons aren't only distorted, they're way off-base.

There simply is no comparison between a Maryland team coming off a nine-win season, a bowl win, and a No. 23 ranking in the final Associated Press poll, and a Connecticut program about to transition to Division I-A. Jacksonville was an NFL expansion team. BC was coming off four straight losing seasons. Maryland was a bowl team in four of the past five years.

Edsall is right in that he has coached his way through tough situations in the past, but in this case, he coached his way into one.