Summer Stock: TCU

Next up in the Summer Stock series from ESPN Insider is TCU. For three weeks, this series will break down teams that have generated the most buzz out of spring practice. So Horned Frogs fans should take note that TCU is buzzworthy.

But what does Tim Kavanagh think about the Horned Frogs' chances this season? Kavanagh discusses many of the same concerns I have gone over in this space -- the loss of 26 seniors, four of five offensive line starters and some of their most valuable players. But he also has reasons for hope:

  • The Football Outsiders' Program FEI rankings put TCU at No. 11 after the 2010 season, an indication the program has had success in the past and is poised for success in the future.

  • TCU benefits from the return of Ed Wesley in the running game.

  • There is much promise on defense with a loaded front, including sophomore Matt Anderson -- potentially the next in a line of dynamic defensive ends.

There are obvious questions, of course. The schedule is not easy, with road games at Baylor, SMU and Boise State. But Kavanagh ends with this:

If there's one thing that TCU's recent dominance has illuminated, it's that the Horned Frogs belong to the class of programs that are in the hunt to contend for titles every year -- not just in their league, but in the BCS picture.

So who knows? If the Horned Frogs can take down the Broncos on Nov. 12, they could be in a position to beat the BCS system a year before joining it.

Also of note: TCU is the only non-AQ that will be profiled in this series.