BYU pays tribute to Mylan Hicks, Mike Sadler before Michigan State game

Why We Love Sports Today: Michigan State and BYU honor fallen Spartans (0:43)

Both Michigan State and BYU take the time to honor former Spartan Mylan Hicks prior to the start of Saturday's game. (0:43)

Michigan State has been playing with heavy hearts this season.

In July, former punter Mike Sadler was killed in a car accident that also claimed the life of Nebraska punter Sam Foltz. Then on Sept. 25, former defensive back and linebacker Mylan Hicks was shot and killed in Calgary, Alberta.

The Spartans honored Sadler during their home game last month against Wisconsin by embedding his No. 3 in the midfield logo. They are doing the same with Hicks' No. 6 for Saturday's game against BYU.

BYU also paid respects to both former players before the game by placing flowers at the 3- and 6-yard line.