Documents: Texas paid Willie Lyles $15K

The University of Texas learned that scout Willie Lyles requested $3,000 from a Longhorns booster in February 2008 to ensure a recruit's campus visits.

Months later, in July 2008, it paid $15,000 for a one-year recruiting service from a company that employed Lyles.

Mike Fish of "Outside the Lines" reports:

[Texas co-offensive coordinator Major] Applewhite, according to documents, advised against making any payments and later made a statement to Texas compliance officials.

Nick Vionis, Texas' senior associate athletic director for communications, said Wednesday that university compliance officials contacted the NCAA with concerns about Lyles, though Vionis wasn't sure when or the extent of the conversation.

Billing records and invoices shed minimal detail on what Texas received for quarterly payments of $3,750. The most specific is a September 2008 invoice referencing UT as making payment for "Elite Scouting Services 2010 Book and Consultation.'' Vionis said it included "standard web-based recruiting information'' and "maybe a book.'' In its public records request fulfilled last week, "Outside the Lines" requested copies of the materials given to Texas by Elite, but nothing was provided.

"Once we confirmed there were issues surrounding him, we had no other dealings with him,'' Vionis said of Lyles. "We were committed to the service for one year. Once that commitment to Elite was fulfilled, we had no further dealings with him.''

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