Kiffin cuts ties with Richardson, Edwards

Vols Kick Richardson, Edwards Off Team (0:35)

Jesse Palmer on the dismissal of Nu'Keese Richardson and Mike Edwards (0:35)

Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin made the only decision he could Monday in dismissing receiver Nu'Keese Richardson and defensive back Mike Edwards from the team.

Kiffin is still waiting on more information before making a decision on safety Janzen Jackson, presumably to see if charges are dropped against the Vols' freshman starter. In the meantime, Jackson won't be a part of any team activities.

While Jackson's fate remains to be seen, it's clear that Kiffin hasn't completely given up on retaining him. In fact, there were talks among Tennessee officials last Thursday and extending into Friday morning that it may still be possible for Jackson to play in the Ole Miss game.

But none of the players ended up making the trip.

They were arrested last Thursday and charged with attempted armed robbery outside a convenience store near the Tennessee campus.

Jackson has already had multiple disciplinary issues, including a failed drug test, which was one of the factors leading to his suspension for the Memphis game two weeks ago.

At this point, Jackson's only chance of surviving revolves around having the felony charges reduced or dismissed. His attorney has maintained that Jackson is innocent of the charges.

According to the police report, he wasn't one of the two players who actually attempted to rob the two victims while they were sitting in their car at the convenience store. But he was there at the scene and in the car when the players were stopped by police.