3-point stance: Penalty on Buckeyes

1. I used to think that Miami had set the record for getting the least out of the most when the Hurricanes won 34 consecutive games in 2000-02 and won only one BCS title. But there’s a new candidate in our midst. Somehow, someway, Ohio State won 24 consecutive games without taking home a Big Ten championship, much less a crystal football. The NCAA penalties that suspended postseason play last season are to blame, of course. For anyone wondering if those penalties have any teeth, ask the Buckeyes.

2. Kliff Kingsbury did what? The first-year Texas Tech head coach, voting in the USA Today coaches’ poll, ranked Alabama No. 6. But Kingsbury’s only agenda appeared to be to honor conference champions. The five teams ahead of the Crimson Tide -- Florida State, Auburn, Baylor, Stanford, Michigan State -- raised trophies Saturday night. I don’t agree with it, but I get it.

3. Other curious votes: Two coaches ranked Michigan State No. 2 ahead of Auburn: West Virginia’s Dana Holgorsen and, yes, the Spartans’ Mark Dantonio. … Stanford looked like the inkblot. Mike Leach of Washington State ranked the Cardinal No. 3, ahead of Alabama, while the Tide’s Nick Saban ranked the Pac-12 champ No. 9, behind four SEC teams. … Four coaches slipped their team in at No. 25 on their ballots: Dave Clawson of Bowling Green, Brian Kelly of Notre Dame, Jerry Kill of Minnesota and Bo Pelini of Nebraska.