Bo Pelini shoots down Arkansas talk

Bo Pelini's name seems to come up often whenever there's a high-profile coaching vacancy.

That's in part because of Pelini's success at Nebraska, in part because of the very low buyout clause in his contract and in part because of the assumption by some -- though never voiced by Pelini himself -- that he might be tiring of the pressure of living up to Cornhuskers fans' high expectations.

So it's little surprise that Pelini's name has been mentioned prominently for the brand new opening at Arkansas. But the Nebraska head coach told reporters Wednesday night that he intends to remain the Nebraska head coach.

"Actually, I didn't even know my name got thrown around," he said, when asked about the Arkansas opening. "I don't even know how that stuff happens. I'm here and I'm happy to be here."

The fifth-year Huskers coach called Nebraska "a destination job" and said his sole intention was to try and bring a championship to Lincoln. He said all other speculation linking him to Arkansas is "kind of ludicrous."

Pelini wouldn't be the first coach to say he has no interest in a job and turn around a few days later and take that gig. Heck, he wouldn't even be the 100th coach to do that. Arkansas can certainly throw some money around, and the Hogs are desperate to clean up the Bobby Petrino mess. Pelini doesn't have any of the character issues that plagued Petrino.

But Pelini shot this down just as strongly as he denied rumors that he'd interviewed with Ohio State last November. Truth is, he's got a good situation at Nebraska, and if he ever privately thinks things are crazy in Husker Nation, what would he make of the dysfunctional Hogs family and the SEC West madness?

At this point, when Pelini says he's staying, we should take him at his word. After all, he's not Bobby Petrino.