Morning Coffee: Camps opening up

Posted by ESPN.com's Graham Watson

Good morning!

I realized one thing today: I need to wake up earlier. By the time I'm rolling out of bed at 7:30, half of the blog network has its links up for the day. I am a total slacker.

But I come bearing Morning Coffee anyway.

It's football season (hold applause and salivating) and some teams have already gotten the jump on the others. Troy opened camp Wednesday and the school posted notes and quotes from practice on its web site. One note caught my attention more than the others:

"Long snapper Derrick Thomas found out yesterday that he was a senior instead of a junior. Thomas did not join the football team until his second year of school. Following a redshirt in 2006, Thomas was the team's snapper in all 12 games last season. His eligibility clock started when he first enrolled because he took a full load of classes that semester, which means he is a senior this year instead of a junior.

OK, a couple things here. First, how awful is it to go into a season thinking you have two years of eligibility and realize you have only one? Second, what compliance think tank genius couldn't figure this out? Harsh, I know, but you usually see this kind of stuff in Chinese women's gymnastics (current events, people) or Little League baseball.

Moving on...

Camp opens Thursday for Air Force and Central Michigan.

The Denver Post's Irv Moss takes a closer look at Air Force's quarterbacks and Jim Benton from the Rocky Mountain News writes about defensive end Ryan Kemp, who spent the summer in Europe for the Academy's cultural exchange program.

Surprisingly, not a lot on Central Michigan opening camp, but CMU was the team most written about during the Mid-American Conference's media days earlier this week.

I'll post reports from camp when I get them.