Lunchtime links: Chase for the BCS begins tonight

Posted by ESPN.com's Graham Watson
Think you've got the bowl situation all figured out? Of course you don't. No one does. That's why there are coaches across the country screaming for a playoff or some sort of change in the BCS system.

But as John Saunders said during Wednesday's College Football Live, we don't see any of those protesting coaches giving their national championships back.

What's in store for the non-BCS? Well, there's no doubt that over the next few weeks each team in the Top 25 will be keeping a close eye on the others.

And what about Boise State? The team with the best shot of gaining a BCS berth? The Honolulu Advertiser states that even their fate is not certain and either are the fates of the rest of the teams in the WAC.

TCU coach Gary Patterson said his team is ready to open some voter eyes during Thursday's Mountain West clash with Utah. TCU could be the first one-loss non-BCS team to earn a BCS berth.

Tonight's game between Northern Illinois and Ball State will go a long way toward clearing up the BCS picture and it might give voters a better idea of how good this Ball State team really is and really, how good Northern Illinois is. Northern Illinois is one of just two teams the Cardinals have played this season with a winning record.

Former Ball State receiver Dante Love will be on the sideline for tonight's game. He held his first press conference Tuesday and spoke about his rehabilitation and life without football.

And while all of the above teams are focused on bowl games and the BCS, San Diego State critics are wondering whether the team can continue to play in the FBS. San Diego Union-Tribune columnists Nick Canepa and Tim Sullivan tackle the subject.